Let Me Rant About Labour & Transphobia

Though recently there’s been an awful lot of exposure in the news-media to various Labour Party members spouting Anti-Semitic rhetoric, what hasn’t had any news-media exposure has been the Labour left’s propensity for supporting transphobia rhetoric, despite the fact there are more trans peeps living in Britain then Jews.


Maybe the reason Labour members making Anti-Semitic statements has caused so much of a media shit storm has something to do with the money & influence of the Israeli Lobby, something which advocacy groups for trans rights lack in comparison, but as far as I’m concerned as a Jew & a trans woman & an equalities advocate, if the news-media are going to take upon themselves to call out Labour members for spouting Anti-Semitism then they should be calling out Labour members for spouting any hate & prejudice towards disadvantaged & vulnerable minorities rather then have sections of the news-media which currently support Labour fucking encourage it!


The typical response I’ve had from those who say they identify with the Labour left in raising the issue of addressing the issue of transphobia & there being greater championing of social justice for trans peeps, has been a reaction of dismal that it’s not an issue of importance, err to say neither the issue of transphobia nor trans rights is a priority or relevant for Labour to be doing something about is transphobic in itself, just as it would be disabilist to just dismiss the concerns of disabled peeps about the Tory persecution they’ve been victims of & consequentially being disadvantaged from the rest of  society from definite lack of social justice. I’d not expect the Labour left to be disabilist (in fact they’ve generally been quite the opposite when it comes to the concerns of peeps with disabilities), so why the fuck should I expect them to be fucking transphobic!


I’ve personally experienced transphobia from peeps who claim they’re on the left of the Labour Party that I’m a poof & another telling me transgenderism shouldn’t be encouraged as its abnormal because it goes against natural! Hey building fucking motorways & producing medicines technically goes against nature, but I’m not hearing anybody on the Labour left suggest we should cease building roads or cease producing medicine. Trans peeps have existed throughout history, yes its only been advances in medical treatments in the past 70 years which have truly helped us, but for fucks sake you could say that about whole number of medical disorders only being truly elevated in the past few decades due to advances in medical science & I’m only hearing very few peeps bitch that’s unnaturally bad or whatever.


So why would the Labour left be so dismissive of the concerns of trans peeps, if not damn right transphobically hostile to trans women? It was to do with what some describe as the hard left having aligned itself with radical feminists. Not all radical feminists are transphobic bigots, for instance Angela Keaton who’s a well-known peace activist over in the United States & a radical feminist who I’ve only ever known to be extremely supportive of trans women, but the likes of Angela Keaton & other radical feminists who are supportive of trans women aren’t the ones who get heard in the news-media when it comes to radical feminists talk about trans women. It’s the Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists (TERFs) who are the kind of radical feminists who are the kind of radical feminists who the news-media give a platform to & these peeps aren’t just hostile to trans women, but out & out transphobic bigots! There’s an awful lot of intellectual masturbation when it comes to TERFs, but essentially their dogma is that all who are born with a penis are rapists & thus because trans women are born with penis then we are a) potentially rapists & b) not women & thus shouldn’t be allowed into female bathrooms or female changing rooms.


There have been zero incidents of trans women assaulting any cisgender woman in any public toilet of changing room, let me repeat THERE HAVE BEEN ZERO INCIDENTS OF TRANS WOMEN ASSUALTING ANY CISGENDER WOMAN IN A PUBLIC TOILET OR A PUBLIC CHANGING ROOM!! But despite the fact zero incidents of trans women assaulting any cisgender woman in any public toilet or changing room, it doesn’t stop TERFs making out all trans women are perverts & making shit up about what our real agenda to have parity with cisgender women. To add injury to insult, TERFs try to dismiss the violence & prejudice there is towards trans women & make out any attention paid by the news-media or governmental agencies to the hate there is towards trans women is somehow diminishing the violence there is towards cisgender women, despite the fact I’ve NEVER heard any trans woman diminish any violence which has been done to any woman, in fact I know of a trans woman who went to prison for ABH in protecting a woman from domestic abuse. Probably the most worrying & damn well scary plank to TERFs transphobic bullshit is that they say the very existence of trans women diminishes the identity of cisgender women, in other words they’d prefer we didn’t exist, I truly hope no TERF is let near being in power because there rhetoric towards trans women isn’t that far removed from the Third Reich’s rhetoric towards Jews.


The Morning Star is supposedly the ‘paper of the left’, so you’d likely expect it to support equality for all, right? Err apparently not if you’re a trans woman. The Morning Star has seem to have taken some pleasure in publishing the diatribes of TERFs, which this is the latest I’ve read. Geez if the Morning Star are going to publish articles by TERFs essentially supporting the Christian fundamentalist persecution of LGBTQ peeps in the United States, why not go the whole hog & publish articles on race relation & Israel by members of the KKK. What the KKK is to Afro-Americans & Jews, TERFs are the equivalent to trans peeps, but of course the Morning Star has managed to shield itself somewhat by having Miranda Yardley write for the paper.


Have no doubts, Miranda Yardley is a bigoted TERF, but the twist is she’s a trans woman! What the trans community really doesn’t need are Uncle Toms, but unfortunately Miranda Yardley is just that, but with Yardley it’s not just that she’s an Uncle Tom, I’m pretty certain she either has a major issue with self-hate or is suffering from a Borderline-Personality-Disorder & is acting out, as I personally know of at least two trans women which have alleged Miranda has personally stalked them & their families. Having had personally had grief from TERFs & knowing the tactics they employ at you for speaking out against them, I can well believe that Yardley might of very well stalked those who have spoken out against her hate & their families, it also poses the question is it responsible for the Morning Star to giving her the platform which is has if she potentially resorting to what could be described as psychotic tactics as a consequence of having severe psychological problems which aren’t being adequately monitored.


Though the Morning Star’s circulation is in fact fairly small, the transphobic crap it publishes is likely feeding back into the Labour Party, because go to any leftwing rally or conference & the Morning Star is freely available, it should also be mentioned that Jeremy Corbyn prior to being elected Labour leader use to write a regular column for the Morning Star.


I don’t believe that Jeremy Corbyn is transphobic (I’d not support him as much as I do if I thought he were), but as Labour leader he really needs to tackle the issue of transphobia amongst his supporters which I have experienced & I know other trans women have experienced.

The Follies Of UKIP/Vote Leave 5 Weeks Out From The EU Referendum

Today marks 5 weeks until the EU Referendum & I bet UKippers are beside themselves with the anticipation, bet they’ve been continuously playing with themselves, fantasising at the possible outcome of the referendum being a majority of British peeps giving the finger to Johnny Foreigner & the global Zionist conspiracy, sorry I meant a majority of the British peeps vote in support of Britain leaving the European Union. I’ve actually got a question for UKippers which is do they really think that if the outcome of the EU Referendum is a fuck you to the European Union & thus (as UKippers see it) a finger to Johnny Foreigner & the global Zionist conspiracy & the incremental imposition of Cultural Marxism, do they really actually think its going to put a stop to us commie pinko Jews from spreading Cultural Marxism? Leaving the EU might be perceived by Ukippers as a great victory against the global Zionist conspiracy of implementing the will of the New World Order, but in fact it will only be a mild setback for us commie pinko Jews in implementing Cultural Marxism on a global scale, what you don’t expect us to cease campaigning for (as UKippers see it) Cultural Marxist ideals of things such as like LGBTQ equality & environment protection laws. Of course there’s one solution which would defeat us pinko commie Jews & I’m sure there’s already more then a few UKippers who have considered the final solution as not being such a bad thing for us pinko commie Jews.


Talking of Hitler & the Third Reich & the final solution, it’s been widely reported that last weekend Boris Johnson who’s one of Vote Leave’s heavy hitter politicians, comparing the European Union to Hitler & the Third Reich err Boris if that were true then why aren’t there any EU directives ordering the likes of me to be herded onto trucks & sent to off to be exterminated. You keep hearing from the Vote Leave advocates that any kind of vision of uniting separate European states into one throbbing European nation have failed throughout history from the Roman Empire to Napoleon to the Third Reich, err so the EU have now militarily conquered us have they, let me just look outside my window & see I see battalion of tanks with EU insignia on them…..nope can’t see any at present nor do I expect to see any in the future! Just because in the past military conquests have failed to forge some kind of one united European nation, doesn’t mean in the present & future that cooperation can’t forge one European nation made up of member states including Britain. Ah yes ‘cooperation’, one shouldn’t expect Nigel Farage to understand such a concept as cooperation seems somewhat of an alien concept to him as he doesn’t seem even capable to cooperate with senior members of his own party.


It was reported on Tuesday that Nigel Farage said that if the Vote Remain campaign narrowly wins the EU Referendum then there must be another referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union, err I doubt Farage will be calling for another referendum to be held if Vote Leave narrowly win the EU referendum, no I’d expect him to say that it’s a resounding victory for Vote Leave & vindication that the British peeps want out of the European Union. As it goes I predict Vote Remain will win & I predict that Farage & UKIP will say when Vote Remain wins that the vote was somehow rigged or he’ll blame the outcome (as he has in the past) on Muslims & immigrants being able to vote.



Talking of bashing Muslims & immigrants, it’s pretty much what those who support Brexit have fallen back upon as they already seem to know they’ve lost the economic arguments for Britain potentially leaving the EU.  At the weekend Iain Duncan Shit the anti EU Tory & supposed another heavy hitter for the Vote Leave campaign was on the BBC’s Sunday Politics program appealing to the lowest denominator in scaremongering that if Britain stayed in the EU then somehow radical Islamist terrorists would be running amuck in our streets as they have easy passage through the continental European Union, which is a ploy I think we’ve all heard from the likes of Farage & UKIP. Iain Duncan Shit also said on the Sunday Politics program that we can’t build enough housing to cope with the demand caused by the number of immigrants coming into Britain, of course Iain Duncan Shit being a Tory neglected to mention that the reason there aren’t enough houses being built is largely due to an underinvestment by the Tories in building housing for those who most need housing, oh & of course Iain Duncan Shit forgot to mention that any housing that does get built is largely thanks to the willingness of immigrant workers to do the work!


It’s far more likely that it will be an immigrant treating you on NHS not in front of you in the queue for medical treatment, one of the central planks of the Vote Leave campaign is that if Britain left the EU then there’d be more money to spend on the NHS, but oops the co-founder of the Vote Leave campaign has said he’d like to privatise the NHS.


Oh the follies of UKIP/Vote Leave.

As For The Substance Of The Queen’s Speech

queen-speechI’ve had my customary FUCK THE MONARCHY response to the state opening of Parliament, but what of the substance to the Queen’s Speech, what is my response to what parliamentary legislation the Tories have planned in the coming year?


I was actually tempted to leave the rest of the blog post blank in response to the substance of the Queen’s Speech & I’m not sure that there’s enough at first glance to fill my usual word quota for a blog post, yeah you can tell I wasn’t hugely impressed with the Tories planned legislation, it wasn’t necessarily because this is a Tory program of legislation, but more that at a first glance the legislation announced by Queen Lizzy neither had me salivating with anticipation nor grinding my teeth in fear, however there are one or two things announced in the Queen’s Speech which are worth writing about.


I agreed with the announcements in the Queen’s Speech about a legal right to fast broadband connections for every household & to levy a tax on sugary soft drinks & I say that as somebody who’s addicted to Pepsi Max (Hey Pepsi Co any chance of sponsorship?).


There was also mention of new governmental indicators being introduced to measure poverty & lack of opportunities etc & this does fill me with dread considering most Tories I know seem to think if you’re living in shack with nothing but rags to wear you have as much opportunity as anybody else, whilst the rest of anti-Tory sane peeps like me see & regularly experience the consequences of bad housing, bad health, ill education & fuck all opportunities.


It’s not original to say that before we send rockets of exploration to Mars maybe we should be sending rockets of food to Redcar, but it’s an apt response to the announcement that this Tory government wanting invest millions into spaceplanes & commercial spaceports which was announced in the Queen’s Speech.


I’m not opposed to any government supporting driverless cars, as a disabled person who’s disabilities prohibit them from driving I see how beneficial driverless cars could be, but I can’t help wondering if the Tories support for driverless cars might have to do with the Tory government being somewhat friendly with Google, which brings me onto the most hilarious announcement I heard in the Queen’s Speech & that being the Tories are going to get tough on tax avoidance.


Up to now the Tories have done pretty much fuck all to tackle tax avoidance & tax dodging other then talk about getting tough, so when I heard Queen Lizzy announce the Tory government were going to bring in measures to tackle tax avoidance it really was a laugh my fucking ass off moment! It’s really not in the interests of the Tories to bring in tough measures to tackle tax avoidance considering those who back the Tory party financially & so I’m not holding my breathe rather I’m waiting to get a Labour government elected so something serious can be done about tax avoiders & tax dodgers who are costing this country billions of pounds!


What about the Tories proposed British Bill of Rights? I’m not opposed to there being a British Bill of Rights, I’m just fearful of the Tories predominately shaping any human rights legalisation, but as it goes from what Lizzy announced in the Queen’s Speech it sounds that the Tories are yet again postponing bringing in legalisation concerning this & obviously this is because nobody knows for certain the outcome of the upcoming EU Referendum, but if the outcome is voters wanting Britain to leave the EU then a British Bill of Rights will have a great deal more importance.


Well I did make my word quota for a blog post in exploring some of the highlights from the Queen’s Speech, I’m sure when there are more details concerning individual pieces of legalisation then there will be much to write about.

Queen Lizzy Opens Her Parliament Once Again

queen-speechWith Queen Lizzy & hubby Phil travelled to the official opening of Queen Lizzy’s parliament in a horse drawn gold coach & from having watched all pomp & pageantry of Queen Lizzy opening her parliament by telling us what torture her Tory government has planned for us the 99%, it’s pretty damn apparent that when it comes to Queen Lizzy & hubby Phil & the rest of the Windsor family as well as Lizzy’s parliament itself that austerity is certainly isn’t biting.


I know some who’ll be reading this will be wondering what’s all this bullshit you’re writing about it being Queen Lizzy’s parliament? Oh dear you mistakenly thought we have a parliament which is the peeps parliament, a parliament which is yours & mine, but nope it’s Queen Lizzy’s government & parliament, because if you’d listen to the Queen’s Speech you’d of heard Queen Lizzy say that it was her government & parliament. Of course some Tories will tell me that I’m being stupid as somehow they reckon Queen Lizzy being the monarch represents the people, hmm why’s it then I’m a British subject not a British citizen, the term ‘subject of the British Crown’ denotes that I & everybody else who’s a ‘British Subject’ is owned by the monarchy.


How am I represented by an unelected & thus unaccountable monarch sitting on a gold throne with a jewelled crown on their head? Guess what? I don’t think any individual who sits on a throne with a crown on their head who’s not been elected to do so is representing me! I kind of think it’s Tory royalist wankers who are fucking stupid in supporting an unelectable & thus unaccountable monarch who has the power to dissolve parliament if they so choose (yes this is a constitutional fact which peeps should research).


I heard an MP (ironically a Labour MP) say that State Opening of Parliament was all about democracy err did that Labour MP have a say who was head of state, no me neither, so how can we honestly say Britain is a modern liberal democracy until I & every other person gets a say in who’s head of state & it goes without saying until the House of Lords is replaced with a fully elected upper parliamentary chamber.


As far as I’m concerned when the upper chamber of our national parliament & the head of state are unelected & thus unaccountable, Britain can’t call itself a modern liberal democracy, you’d not expect an ardent socialist republican to say anything different, well I guess you’d expect me to say fuck the monarchy, okay….FUCK THE MONARCHY!

International Day Against Homophobia & TRANSPHOBIA

International Day Against Homophobia & TRANSPHOBIAThe reason I’ve phrased the title of this blog post ‘International Day Against Homophobia & TRANSPHOBIA’ is in response to the hashtag on Twitter which I saw not mentioning that May 17th isn’t just about opposing homophobia but also opposing transphobia & this is important because just about every trans woman (including myself) would of sadly experienced some level of transphobic abuse.


It’s not as if I don’t write about trans related issues, but I don’t exclusively write about trans related issues, because a) I find writing purely about trans related stuff somewhat boring, b) there’s more to me than being a trans woman & c) trans peeps aren’t the only oppressed minority who the lack of social justice is effecting them, however when it comes to certain days like today or the Trans Day of Remembrance or Trans Day of Visibility I recognise the importance of these days & I as a blogger will gladly speak up for trans peeps & wave the trans flag as much as I can.


Of course on International Day Against Homophobia & transphobia, its ironically guaranteed for a trans person to get a hail of transphobic abuse, as I did on this day last year whilst sitting outside a café which is local to me, I’m luckier than most in not ever having had the shit kicked of me up to this point for being trans, because many trans women around the globe are regularly victims of violent abuse or end up as a homicide victim simply because they’re trans. I’ve been told by some fellow trans women comrades both sides of the pond that event days such as International Day Against Homophobia & Transphobia or the Trans Day of Remembrance are far more important for the trans community in the United States, I hear definitely hear that when considering the anti LGBTQ laws & specifically the transphobic toilet laws being enacted in states such as North Carolina & Mississippi. Though I’ve a great deal of empathy & will stand in solidarity as much as I can with trans peeps facing state sponsored transphobia in places such as North Carolina & Mississippi, in fact I’ll stand in solidarity as much as I can with any LGBTQ person facing hate for bigots no matter which state they live in, however despite of having a pretty good knowledge & insight of US politics, I tend not to write anything lengthy about US politics as it does my head in that when you have one of two major political parties in the United States less concerned about peeps owning assault rifles then they are about peeps of the same sex loving one another & trans peeps using the toilet of the gender they identity as, oh & its not as if we haven’t got our own GOP type hate towards LGBTQ peeps here in Britain even if it’s more marginalised somewhat these days in the shape of UKIP


I bet there will be some in the ranks of UKIP scum who’ll be bitterly muttering that International Day Against Homophobia & transphobia is another example of the incremental imposition of ‘Cultural Marxism’. Err I don’t think trying to prevent peeps from being persecuted for an accident of birth is part of some giant fucking global Zionist fucking conspiracy, it’s a very human thing not wanting people to be abused for stuff they can’t help whether it be which side of a border they happen to be born on or the colour of their skin or their gender or the sexual orientation or if they have a disability or etc. Why should any trans person be persecuted for being trans? Why should trans peeps be subjected to violent abuse for being trans? Why should anybody who’s trans face the possibility of being a homicide statistic for being trans? Nobody who’s born trans asked to be born trans, it’s not a fucking lifestyle choice!


UKipper scum so often tell you they’ve nothing against trans peeps just prior to launching into an attack of transphobic abuse thrusted in my direction, if you’ve got nothing against trans peeps you then don’t spout transphobic abuse at anybody who’s openly trans or anybody you suspect of being trans. You don’t ask a trans woman if they’ve still got a cock or taunt them with pronouns of the gender they don’t identify as, don’t call us poofs, pervs or trannies, because to do any of that (& a great deal more) you are being fucking transphobic.


Trans peeps aren’t a circus freak-show so stop treating us as such, stop spouting abuse at us in the street because you can’t grasp that nobody was born a clone of you! Yes compared to the abuse being inflicted upon trans peeps elsewhere in this world, the abuse I & other trans peeps might get seems pretty mild, but this doesn’t mean its justified or acceptable nor that we should we be doing nothing to tackle it, don’t try to sweep the issue of transphobia under the carpet & remember today is International Day Against Homophobia & TRANSPHOBIA!

UKIP Are The Tea Party Insanity This Country Can Do Without

Rand_nigelNot only do I object to UKIP’s xenophobic bigotry & having them bollocking on about the International Jewish communist conspiracy, sorry I meant the European Union, though I see through UKIP’s & Farage’s EU bashing to really mean bashing the giant Zionist conspiracy to control the world which the far-right have been propagating for over a century now, believe me Nigel Farage is the modern day Oswald Mosley he’s just less honest.


What I like about living in Britain is being able to wonder down to my local supermarket & not have to worry there’s somebody packing a semi-automatic & about to go postal. One of the positive things which Blair’s Labour government did was to ban handguns, Britain is now one of the safest countries in the world to live in, we have very little gun related deaths as compared with the United States & I want to keep it that way, so a bit troubling (then some) & objectionable that Nigel Farage thinks the handgun ban was ludicrous.


But if Farage’s support of racist gunsexual landowners wanting to shoot anybody who steps on their land who they don’t like the look of, wasn’t objectionable enough then there’s his opposition to climate-change. Geez Nige I never knew you were a leading climatologist & no Christopher Monckton your former UKIP chum isn’t a climatologist either, what you both are isn’t just deniers that climate-change is man-made but proponents that nothing should be done about what 99.9% of climatologists are predicting will be the largest catastrophe of the 21st century which could destroy millions of lives around the world, how the fuck do you sleep at night, ah yes like a log because hey if it happens over in Bongo-Bongo Land you don’t give a shit do you!


As well as being a climate-change sceptic, Christopher Monckton is also a rabid homophobe who’s had some ripe things to say about gay men & AIDS, thus I’m surprised Monckton has left UKIP because it seems his with his outspoken scepticism towards Global-Warming & rabid homophobia would mean he fits in so well with the rest of the UKIP scum & I bet like Farage & other UKippers he has a hard on for firearms & believes in global conspiracies involving Jewish peeps.


My biggest objection to Nigel Farage & UKIP is the closest to home for me & that is the bigotry towards LGBT peeps from Nigel Farage on downwards through the ranks of UKIP scum. Nigel Farage says he believes in greater freedom for peeps, but this seems to exclude LGBT peeps like myself possibly marrying somebody of the same sex as UKIP oppose same-sex-marriage, for fucks sake their only MEP (David Coburn) who’s openly gay is a fucking homophobe as he opposes same-sex-marriage & anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT peeps & other minorities.


I find it more than a coincidence that since the rise of UKIP’s electoral fortunes & since Nigel Farage has managed to make bigotry more socially acceptable, there’s been a rise in reported hate crimes particularly towards the LGBT community & immigrants.


So UKIP are pro-capitalism of the White man, pro-racist, pro-sexist, pro-Christian, pro-Islamophobia pro-hate, pro-gun, anti-immigrant, anti LGBT, hmm sounds familiar to anybody who knows anything about United States politics, because it sounds like the fucking Tea Party Movement or more recently your average Donald Trump election rally.


The Koch Brothers were the ones who essentially bankrolled the Tea Party movement as a means to distract the plebs in stirring up hate against immigrants & ethnic minorities, against LGBT peeps, against liberals & against politicians wanting to steal their guns, whilst the Koch Brothers & other billionaires continued to shaft the American people. Want to know why the Koch Brothers might want to wheel on Christopher Monkton to spout bullshit about Global-Warming at a Tea Party rally, it wouldn’t be that they’re heavily invested in dirty industries which belch out fuck tons of pollution, nah couldn’t be such a simple coincidence as that could it?!?!?


Rand Paul is currently a US Senator & has been described as a darling of the Tea Party movement, Nigel Farage has described Rand as his ‘political soul-mate’, okay its old news that there are links between the Tea Party Movement in the US, but it’s a point reiterating as a) it’s election year in the United States & b) we’ve all seen how bat-shit crazy the GOP has become which has further fucked up politics in the United States. Do we in Britain really want the bat-shit craziness of the GOP & the Tea Party Movement to be a major political force, well I for one don’t!

Bye Bye Natalie & Maybe It Should Also Be Bye Bye Green Party

nattalie_bennettIt’s been announced that Natalie Bennett is to stepdown as leader of the Green Party, personally I thought she should have stepped down after last year’s general election, because after there was a good deal of news-media hype at the beginning of 2015 concerning a supposed ‘Green Surge’, Natalie was campaigning prior to last year’s general election that the 2015 general election would herald an electoral breakthrough for the Greens, which failed to happen & in fact neither the Greens nor Natalie Bennett faired well at last year’s general election.


In the aftermath of last year’s general election & as a consequence of poor electoral results, Ed Miliband immediately resigned as leader of the Labour Party, Nick Clegg immediately resigned as leader of the Liberal Democrats & Nigel Farage was at least prepared to do the honourable thing in quitting as UKIP leader even if he was eventually persuaded by the pleas of his party not to. However Natalie Bennett carried on regardless as leader of the Green Party, despite the infamous LBC interview with her when she couldn’t remember the Green Party’s housing policy, which amongst other not-so-great interviews she gave in the run up to last year’s general election including an interview with Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Sunday Politics program where she completely crumpled under pressure, oh & then there was her dismal performance during the televised leaders debates where unlike her counterparts Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP & to a lesser degree Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru Natalie Bennett did not shine at all, Natalie Bennett carried on as Green Party leader despite the crucial bottom line as to why Natalie should of resigned after last year’s general election which  was the Green Party’s lacklustre election performance after she had made such a big deal about the 2015 general election would be an electoral breakthrough for the Greens.


Far too often with Natalie Bennett, the positive rhetoric which she might have publicly espoused (& there’s a great of positive rhetoric which she has espoused) has been cancelled out by the fact she comes over as wooden & a tad prickly, to be honest I’ve always thought that Natalie was unsuited to be a leader a major political. Well after a dismal round of local election results, it’s obvious Natalie has seen the writing on the wall & decided now to stepdown, it’s predicted that Caroline Lucas will now be elected (or more correctly re-elected) as party leader & she was a better Green Party leader & if re-elected will be a better Green Party leader then Natalie Bennett, but the funny thing is it appears that Caroline Lucas has already seen the writing on the wall regards the future of the Green Party.


In response to Labour electing Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Caroline Lucas wrote an open letter suggesting an electoral agreement/pact with Labour if Corbyn successfully moves Labour in a more radically progressive agenda, maybe this was a reaction of survival for Caroline keeping her parliamentary seat of Brighton Pavilion or maybe the survival of the Green Party period. Ever since the election of Jeremy Corbyn, I’ve seen those Green Party members who use to be oh so smugly sanctimonious with self-righteous-indignation about Labour not being radically progressive enough, now joining (& in many cases re-joining Labour) because of the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader! The truth is that the election of Jeremy Corbyn & a willingness by the membership in moving Labour in a more radically progressive direction is stealing the Green Party’s thunder & their votes & will ultimately crush the Green Party electorally.


There’s much to the Green Party policy platform which I agree with, anti-fracking, pro-renewable, ant-nuclear, pro legalising marijuana & pro banking reform, anti-war, but the problem I’ve had with the Green Party has been their tendency to be insufferably sanctimonious towards the Labour Party & seeming to take more effort & joy in bashing Labour for not being radical enough rather then bashing the Tories for actually ruining many lives & this country. Personally I’ve always thought the Green Party would be better off as a pressure group with the aim of keeping Labour true to its socialist soul rather then potentially splitting the vote on the left. To defeat the Tories, it’s an imperative that the political left are united against the Tories not divided, maybe this is something those remaining Green Party members should seriously think about.


Rather then suggesting an electoral pact, maybe Caroline Lucas should think about defecting to the Labour Party as an example of there being a united front against the Tories neoliberal gangbang, I’ve a great deal of admiration for Caroline & would welcome her with open arms (& I’m sure that I’d not be the only one to do so).


The Shit Being Spouted By The Far-Right Isn’t Ever A Non-Story

It’s been 10 days or so day days since Londoners elected Sadiq Khan as London Mayor & as yet London hasn’t been turned into some barbaric ISIS caliphate & nor will London be turned into anything of the sort as a consequence of Londoners having elected the first Muslim mayor of a Western European capital city, but according to Britain First, London has fallen to Islam & Sadiq Khan is more dangerous then the Black Death & the Luftwaffe.


I know some will no doubt be thinking well what’s the major surprise in Britain First’s reaction to the London Mayoral Election & thus maybe also thinking as this is pretty much what one would expect from the likes of a far-right group such Britain First then isn’t this something of a non-story & so why the heck do I give the likes of Britain First the press which I do? Well obviously I’m unsurprised at Britain First’s reaction to the election of Sadiq Khan, I mean Britain First’s London mayoral candidate needn’t of proved he was a dick during Sadiq Khan’s victory speech as it’s already been proven that Paul Golding is a total dick, however the trouble is though I might think oh for fucks sake get over & move on when it comes to Britain First’s & UKIP’s degressive attitude towards multiculturalism & the culture war, I know fascists have long gained support by feeding upon the festering of hopelessness which many of the downtrodden feel.


George Orwell was one notable Social-Democrat who warned that if government didn’t provide adequate welfare for those at the bottom of society then it will ferment revolution, I don’t think Britain First or UKIP will be spearheading any bloody revolution anytime soon & nor will Britain First be terrorising the town in which I reside with one of their Saturday afternoon bother boot marches, but the housing estate where I use to live was a seriously unpleasant place for anybody who’s openly trans, a lesbian, disabled & no doubt for anybody who happens to be an Afro-Caribbean or a Muslim. Though the town in which I live is pretty much the archetypical leafy suburbia of Middle England, there are still streets which as a disabled trans woman I don’t dare walk down, because of the hopelessness brought about by bad housing, bad health, ill education & fuck all opportunities & peeps with hopelessness will project that hopelessness in the form of anger & violence against anybody who happens to be different to them, but rather addressing the core reasons for the hopelessness which is causing the downtrodden to lash out at the likes of me there’s Britain First & their ideological bedfellows UKIP fucking encouraging those peeps to lash out at the likes of me.


What you thought Britain First & UKIP only had a problem with Muslims?!?!? Meet Britain First/UKIP supporting Paul Joseph Watson who’s a YouTube vlogger & favourite correspondent of Alex Jones, not only does he have hate to spout about Islam, but he has plenty for peeps with colour, feminists & women who don’t give him an erection, disabled peeps & LGBT peeps in particular trans peeps. Though Watson seems to have more of an intellect then your average Britain First/UKIP supporter, he’s just as much as your average Britain/UKIP hatemonger. Watson might not be terrorising local communities on a Saturday afternoon as Britain First regularly does, he might not be getting a soft interview on the BBC as with UKIP politicians so they get an opportunity to spout bullshit nonsense about the political left or immigration or the European Union, but he’s still spouting hate about anybody who doesn’t fit in with his narrow-minded White man’s rightwing perspective of the world & has a larger viewership then the readership of some national tabloids.


Are you telling me that UKIP or Britain First or the likes of Paul Joseph Watson don’t have influence because I think they do, I know they do every time I get abuse in the street for being disabled or for being trans & so no I don’t think the shit spouted by the far-right is a non-story!

One Does Not Care For the Mutterings Of Queen Lizzy

Queen-ElizabethMy political priorities must be seriously fucked up because the lead story on yesterday’s edition of the BBC’s Daily Politics Show was that Queen Lizzy had been recorded at some Garden Party that she thought that Chinese officials on a state visit to Britain were rude. Hmm has China reacted by launching nuclear armageddon, has Queen Lizzy’s comments caused the sky fall in or for bears to cease shitting in the woods, look I realise China is an important trading partner despite its atrocious human rights record & yes there might be a few Chinese who are miffed at Lizzy’s comments, but that’s it a few peeps are going to be a miffed & nothing more, so why is this such a major fucking news story?


Why isn’t a more major news story that Queen Lizzy is the head of state who’s government is pro same-sex-marriage & head of the Church of England which is opposed to same-sex-marriage? Why isn’t it more of a major news story that Queen Lizzy regularly hosts events for monarchs from around the globe, including you know those absolute monarchs who have peeps they don’t like beheaded on a regular basis? Why isn’t it more of a major news story that whilst Queen Lizzy lives in the lap of luxury courtesy of millions of pounds in welfare she recieves, disabled & sick peeps have to get through winter choosing between heating or eating because the Tories with their penny pinching agenda have cut the meagre amount of welfare they recieve? No according to the News media Queen Lizzy muttering some crap about Chinese government officials is the most important news story to be discussing.


It was kind of ironic that last year on the very day that the Tory government announced an increase an increase Queen Lizzy’s welfare payment (which of course also extends to other members of the Windsor family), Disabled People Against Cuts held a protest in the lobby of Parliament about the Tories cuts to disability benefits which have already killed hundreds of disabled peeps, guess which of those two stories got more exposure & positive coverage.


Of course royalists always tell me that the royals do a hard job, yeah it must be a real fucking hardship living in the splendour of palaces & riding in golden carriages, geez I’m really glad that I’m not living in the lap of luxury & get to go on foreign jollies all expenses paid & all the while being waited on a hand on foot. Whilst Queen Lizzy & family receive millions of pounds in welfare to have servants spoon feed them & wipe their arses, the general populous don’t get angry at this & instead get angry that their taxes are paying for disabled & sick peeps to have home helps to enable them to stay alive.


I might be a lifelong socialist republican who’ll never budge in wanting to abolish the monarchy, but you don’t have to be as militant a republican as me to realise there’s something seriously fucked up with the welfare paid to the monarchy in comparison to that which is paid to sick & disabled peeps or how the news media has corrupted the minds of many from asking questions about those at the top & have turned them against those at the bottom.

Onwards To The EU Referendum

I’m pretty certain if Nigel Farage had been alive about a century ago he’d of stood with Oswald Mosley bollocking on about how the international Jewish communist conspiracy is usurping British sovereignty, Nigel Farage might not outright equate the EU to the international Jewish communist conspiracy, however for those of us who have some intelligence know this is what Nigel Farage is really bollocking on about as the far-right have so often bollocked on about over the past century & I’ve been told by more than one Vote Leave supporter that I’m part of the international Jewish communist conspiracy for being supportive of the Vote Remain Campaign, oh it’s nice to know that those who are vocally supportive of the Vote Leave aren’t paranoid xenophobic bigots wanting to stick it to Johnny Foreigner NOT! Well I’m sure as some no doubt will point out I should in fact be glad that the bigoted fruitcakes supporting the Vote Leave campaign are being vocal, the trouble is I’m in fact pretty fucking miffed by the whole EU referendum as it goes.


I’m pretty fucking miffed the political agenda is being subverted by UKIP’s xenophobic obsession in wanting to give the finger to cooperating with Johnny Foreigner, when in fact there are more important issues that need addressing such as the increased need for food banks & the lack of decent social housing, oh but of course to UKIP the root of all evils is the EU, UKIP have one fucking policy ‘blame the EU’, it doesn’t matter if it’s the lack of sunshine or the quality of sliced bread it’s always the EU which is to blame, hmm bit like the Nazis blaming Jews for the root of all evils.


Today marks six weeks until the actual day of the EU referendum & I bet UKIP xenophobes are beside themselves that they might get to dupe the masses in sticking it cooperating with Johnny Foreigner & in the process fucking the British economy & flushing human rights down the crapper.


It’s kind of sad & ironic that the first British MEP to come out as trans (Nikki Sinclaire) opposed British membership of the EU, because if it wasn’t for the European Court of Human Rights then trans peeps in Britain wouldn’t have the rights which we do, so at least on that score I’m well aware of the importance for Britain staying a member of the EU & of course there’s a great deal more as why Britain should remain a member of the European Union.


Disability rights & environment protection laws are just two more important reason why I’m thankful of Britain being a member the EU & importantly should remain a member of the EU. Oh but of course to the likes of Paul Nuttall (UKIP’s deputy leader) things like Disability rights & environment protection laws are creeping ‘cultural Marxism’ & not actually respect for people less fortunate & respect for the world around us. Cultural Marxism is yet another conspiracy theory which the far-right & so one shouldn’t be surprised that there’d be UKIP dicks who’d be banging on about it after all UKIP are a far-right party of bigotry & fascistic tendencies.


There’s a great deal more reasons as to why its important Britain should remain in the EU, the following video Jeremy Corbyn giving a splendid speech summarising some more reasons as to why Britain needs to remain a member of the European Union.

I’d of hoped that Corbynistas & Blairites might unite to fighting UKIP & campaigning to stay within the EU, but Blairites have been critical of Corbyn for not giving enthusiastic support for the Vote Remain, well for many Blairites it appears nothing Jeremy Corbyn does or will do is going to be good enough, but if Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t been enthusiastic enough for the Vote Remain campaign, then maybe it’s because he (like myself) resents the political agenda being subverted from tackling more pressing issues.